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AN: This is 725 words of unbeta'd, off the cuff, OT3. Written for the First Kisses Drabble-A-Thon.

The boys land back in the states and Ryan's car is waiting at the airport. He and Brendon grab their bags, Brendon throwing two of Ryan's over his shoulder when Ryan nearly trips down the escalator, and pack them in the trunk of the mercedes, both of them climbing up to sit on the hood when it doesn't seem to shut.


"How far?" Brendon asks, voice groggy with the hour of sleep he just stirred from.

"Maybe twenty," Ryan tells him, offhanded, not taking his eyes off of the wet road in front of him. "Maybe less, i don't know. Just, keep your eyes open, talk to me or something, i was starting to alphabetize my bookshelves in my head."

Brendon doesn't, but he throws his head back and laughs.


Keltie opens the door in her underwear.

"Oh, thank god you two are here," she says. "Hobo has been insane on me since i woke up, i think she has some sort of boy-sensor or something, like she knew you were back." Then she rubs a bit at her temples. "Oh, i don't even know. Come in." She ushers them inside, Brendon following with his head resting just above Ryan's shoulder.


Keltie's apartment isn't tidy, Brendon thinks, but he likes it a lot more that way. It suits her, in a way, tea cups stacked on the counter, dance mats spread out in front of the tv, pictures of her mother and her friends and the fronts of various dance studios taped up in some haphazard pattern on the wall near the window. It feels a lot different than home, and he loves it.

Ryan and Keltie are laughing, their heads bent low, and Hobo is licking at Brendon's feet, her small pink tongue darting in between his toes. Brendon looks up at Keltie, a small smile on her face, and he watches as Ryan leans forward and kisses her, opening his mouth against her bottom lip and sucking it inside. Keltie pushes at him, a surge of her mouth, one more time, before she pushes away and scoots over to Brendon. Brendon examines her eyes for a moment, and before he has a chance to pull away, she presses her lips to his, their glasses clanking together, and puts a hand under his chin to lift and open his mouth, sliding her tongue inside. He might be a little confused, why his best friend's girlfriend is kissing him, and what the implications might be, but Ryan just sits back and watches with an amused smile, petting Hobo lightly on the crown of her head.

"Fuck." Keltie says when she pulls away, but there's a laugh in her voice. "You may have a run for your money Ross." Ryan gives a dry chuckle but, as Keltie looks between the two of them, Brendon just stills, confused.

The silence last for a few seconds before Keltie interrupts.

"Well," She says, nudging forward. "What are you two waiting for?" Then it clicks, Brendon thinks, she wants them to, oh, and watches as Ryan picks Hobo up by her belly and sets her down gingerly in Keltie's lap. Brendon gulps, but he inches towards Ryan anyway.

Ryan looks different up close, less shiny. He has uneven eyes, freckles, a scar under his left eye, one that Brendon thinks he remembers inflicting, but it's sort of endearing, so Brendon smiles and flicks his eyes up and down between Ryan's lips and his eyelashes.

Ryan leans forward, small, though assertive, and Brendon can feel Ryan's breath against his tongue, Keltie's eyes open and waiting on his temple, before he stumbles forward the last few centimeters.

Ryan's lips feel different, if he'd expected them to feel like anything, but they don't feel like Keltie's or any of his girlfriends'. They're sort of chapped, and he opens his mouth as Ryan hums quietly, Ryan's bottom lips catching on the ghost of his teeth.


They lay on the floor later, together, KeltieRyanBrendon, all three wrapped up in some old woolen quilt, and Ryan doesn't know where to look, so he looks at the ceiling as Keltie and Brendon both snore softly beside him.

And it isn't fair that he doesn't have to choose, he thinks, but their hands feel warm in his, three collective heartbeats pulsing in his ears.

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