Dec. 20th, 2008


Dec. 20th, 2008 04:51 pm
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so, i don't know, this post is relatively pointless, but i guess i'll just update on what's been going on for me this past week.

i've been pretty punk for the past couple of days, sneezing, sand coated throat. in light of that, i'm definitely glad that my last show was friday afternoon, no more singing for a while. my vocal chords feel like they're about to snap.

i drove up to crocker park and the westside market this morning with some friends. stopped at urban outfitters,bought a couple pairs of lace tights and a pair of hand knit gloves. i think i'll probably venture back out there next week for some new clothes. went to barnes & nobles and picked up a paperback of 'the dharma bums', which everyone who actually knows says that i will love. drank yet another tazo chai latte, which i may be becoming addicted to.

i've decided that i really want to live in the city, because i really can't live without that diversity, that almost overwhelming bleakness and energy. in the city you're just another nobody amongst nobodies. i like that.

picked up a vintage revere model fifty movie camera at the local antique store yesterday when i was looking for a victorian birdcage. i think i may be addicted to cameras too. i just keep buying them.

unfortunately, cards won't be sent out until monday. i tried my damnedest to get them painted, but i sometimes forget how tedious it can get when you have 30 cards to hand-paint and only minimal time blocks to do it in.


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