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this was probably my favorite chirstmas holiday, as far as gifts go. every single one is a treasure.

this teapot is for my hope chest, for my first flat. vintage. made in the 1960s.

the darjeeling limited! so incredibly funny; i adore wes anderson and his films. also: i finally have an english-german dictionary of my own so i can fully learn. my grandmother also bought me a german for dummies dvd for my computer to go along with it. oh, how i love languages.

so, i saw this at urban outfitters and my dad actually tried to buy it and they told him it was out of stock. i don't know how he finagled it anyway, but i'm damn glad. this was the last printing. polaroids are my absolute utter favorite.

this book was just printed. this is actually a hot off the press first edition. i adore annie leibovitz and all that she represents in the photography world and just-- guh.

another for my hope chest. if you knew how much tea i drink, seriously, you'd understand. early 20th century.

speaking of tea: oolong. it's my favorite except for how they sell it at maybe one market around here. more knit gloves for wintertime to go with the ones i bought at u.o. caramel crumbles that i've never heard of but look tasty. the sea-foam green box is actually very old, along with the pink translucent pin. the lady who we rent our studio space from is an antiques dealer and she pays us for work in anything we want from her collections.

vintage calendar
calendar is filled with posters from the 30s and 40s. the santa is hand carved and etched from a gourd. the cup is another for my hope chest. it a-- uhm-- camping cup.

my sister, although young, is sometimes undeniably good at presents. she bought me the blood drop etched earrings and the feathers which i will probably wear four days a week. i love feathers. the front ones were made from the same gourds as the santa was, along with bone and turquoise.

soyjoy! vegan granola! macrame! let's party like it's 1975.

french prose
a close up of the two things from the previous shot. a book called 'introductory french prose' which i still haven't figured out but which looks good on my shelf. and a small teacup hold hand crocheted with a button eyed owl.

buddha! i've wanted him for so long. he actually lights up as well.

there is actually a story behind why i got this toaster, other than the fact that i love nut toast and i love old things. our landlady at the studio had one similar to this and i saw it one day and asked my mom how it was fair that it only toasted one side at a time because i like my butter melted okay. she just kind of laughed and then about a week later i realized that you only put butter on one side of your toast. uhm-- yeah.

now, onto the cameras:

this is an old ansco box camera, the back flips down and opens. it's dated about 1910, i think.

kodak open
the is an old kodak accordian camera. i still haven't gotten the accordian out, as you can see, but we're working on it. this baby is small, but i'm very anxious to use her.

i have wanted a diana for a while now. this is the diana f+, a remake of the camera from the 1960s. it takes these sqaure, soft images and i just adore it so, so much. my dad actually bought me the fisheye lens and the pinhole to go with it, so i have those. and it came with a pack of color filters and the little hardcover book that talks about the camera and shows some pictures and is generally awesome.

and this, this is not a present, but this is the first polaroid i've taken in a quite a while. my dad scoured the realms of online to buy me film for both my 600 onestep and my '69 pack film accordion. it felt so good, like ome almost, to see that picture develop in my hand. and even if it's dark and imperfect, i love it with all my heart. i see this out my window every uncloudy evening; now i'll see it every morning, pasted on the lip of my bedroom mirror. a moment in time. infinity.


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