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if you're simply here for the finished products, those are always public. but, you know, i'm always chill with people who want to witness me along the way. or friends, those are--

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last night we had a bonfire and i laid a quilt on the ground and put my headphones on and stared at the flame's shadows flickering on the blooming tree limbs above my head. i came up with another idea for a story, but i can't seem to place it in bandom, too personal. it has stayed just original fiction so far. maybe someday i'll post it-- if i feel like the people of this place would much appreciate an original work with original characters.

added to my burn box today, things from boys of two years ago, except for the letter (written from the bathroom) and the hand scrawled poetry. i cannot seem to get rid of what is not mine. i cannot seem to burn art.

this is what i am doing right now:

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my step-grandmother is in India right now, on business, and we just got a call from my grandfather that an attack happened around 10 minutes from her hotel, yesterday on the 24th of january. she says that the attacks are all over the news and cnn in europe and i was wondering if anyone (especially those in europe) had any information on this?

thanks if you can.
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i love my new glasses. <3 #

also: finally done with my damn careers paper. 10 pages in one day, ugh. :/ #

did you guys hear about the phishing on twitter? #

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this was probably my favorite chirstmas holiday, as far as gifts go. every single one is a treasure.

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happy holidays

the are some places where a simple phrase is never enough, but not here.
happy holidays from the place where 'staying' isn't always followed by 'for a while'.
i love you i love you i love you


Dec. 23rd, 2008 05:49 pm
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got driven home by a tow-truck this afternoon while trying to deliver some last minute letters to the post, my life is so atypical lately.

oh, and those new crocheted tights i bought? very comfortable.

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good news: i finished all of the cards and took them to the post office earlier this morning

bad news: our post office is ridiculous and they probably won't get anywhere until saturday at the earliest.

(pictures of me working on them later)


Dec. 20th, 2008 04:51 pm
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so, i don't know, this post is relatively pointless, but i guess i'll just update on what's been going on for me this past week.

i've been pretty punk for the past couple of days, sneezing, sand coated throat. in light of that, i'm definitely glad that my last show was friday afternoon, no more singing for a while. my vocal chords feel like they're about to snap.

i drove up to crocker park and the westside market this morning with some friends. stopped at urban outfitters,bought a couple pairs of lace tights and a pair of hand knit gloves. i think i'll probably venture back out there next week for some new clothes. went to barnes & nobles and picked up a paperback of 'the dharma bums', which everyone who actually knows says that i will love. drank yet another tazo chai latte, which i may be becoming addicted to.

i've decided that i really want to live in the city, because i really can't live without that diversity, that almost overwhelming bleakness and energy. in the city you're just another nobody amongst nobodies. i like that.

picked up a vintage revere model fifty movie camera at the local antique store yesterday when i was looking for a victorian birdcage. i think i may be addicted to cameras too. i just keep buying them.

unfortunately, cards won't be sent out until monday. i tried my damnedest to get them painted, but i sometimes forget how tedious it can get when you have 30 cards to hand-paint and only minimal time blocks to do it in.
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@spazzyskittles ryan ross, makeout bandit. no seriously, ahaha. #

@spazzyskittles dude, i'm asking the same question. why people are so worked up sure baffles me. #

slaving over these holiday cards right now. i never realized how much of an idiot i was trying to make 18 different cards, oh lordy. #

@selphiebooyaka <3 also: yours is so cute. #

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currently watching 'Milk' on megavideo, and uh-- DUDE. it's not even ten mintues in and already there have been kisses, ice-cream, and james franco winning my heart over with his raspy, smoke heavy voice.

oh, lordy am i in for a ride.
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Title: Until It Isn't
Author: [ profile] gingerrstar
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Summary: When Ryan turns seventeen, he lets some guy fuck him after a show.
Author Notes: Betas- Lydia/[ profile] choclitbunny & Jen/[ profile] pluginxbaby. A while back i talked about a rentboy AU, here it is. Written for the Panic Olympics.

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writing a letter to heyjey on the back of a placemat #

fuck you calculus coursework. (i wish i know how to make a dagger with a keyboard) #

also, have i mentioned how much i dislike your writing george orwell? i don't care about you shooting an elephant in asia. AGH. #

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painting rooms is therapeutic, hands coated in blue. finally threw in my two cents about deadlines. correction is fucked, jesus. #

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dye job, trimmed my bangs, cold ass fingers, sick of syntax #

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drinking irish tea in cups and eating banana halves; then off to the shower #

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after i finish my olympics fic and classes start up, i'm planning on trying to write regularly. i want to improve my ability to finish something, to finish multiple things. so:


anything, whatever. i'm pretty much only comfortable enough with characterization to write ryan/brendon, i analyze them most, in case that makes any difference.